My Orientation Week Story: First & Second Days of School in Sekolah Cikal Surabaya

Hi! The holiday is over, and now I’m being a Junior Highschool student or in my school it’s called Middle School student. So here, I will share my first and second day experience as a new student in Sekolah Cikal Surabaya. I hope you enjoy!

-Day 1 (Wednesday, July 11th 2018)


Honestly, on the first day I felt a little bit nervous although I’ve went to Cikal trial class about a year ago. But still, at that time I was not really know and close to everyone because it was only one day. So yesterday I was actually worried that I’m gonna be really awkward in there.

But turns out, it was not as bad as I think it would be, and I’m really grateful. The first day of school until the next Friday are the orientation weeks. So in two weeks of orientation program, there will be no actual lesson. Instead, we will learn about Cikal’s competencies, values, and get to know more about the MYP (Middle Year Program) students (Year 6, 7, and 8) through some activities.

There are 14 students in my class. Six of them are girls and the rest of them are boys. I also have 2 homeroom teachers, Pak Rizky and Bu Nida. Pak Rizky and Bu Nida are really kind and friendly to all students. They are so open and communicative too. So I’m really happy to have them accompanying us in our learning journey.

In day 1, all MYP students went to the multipurpose hall, a large room where we did a lot of games together. The first game we played is a game that we need to make a group of four, and all members of the group needs to holds hand to each other. The right hand needs to hold the person’s hand that is in front of them, while the left hand needs to hold the person’s hand beside them. When we did that, our hands intricated to each other, and the task was trying to release the knot of our hands without letting go our grip. So it was like trying to release a knotted yarn. It was so fun! This game made us practice our teamwork and made us closer, or at least know more about each other.

After practicing our teamwork through several interesting games, the homeroom teachers of Year 7 and Year 8 explained us about Cikal 5 Stars Competencies, there are: Skillfull and an efective thinker, self regulated learner, broadminded and physically sound, emotionally and spiritually rich, and empowering member of just, sustainable and peaceful global community. Every competency also implies the specific value in it. And the way teachers told us all the competencies was really fun. Every time they finished telling a competency, there always a game, so we can have the illustration and imagination about the competency they already told us. That way, we can easily understand the information.

We finished the day 1 by starting to decorate our classroom. Teachers told us that the room is our own classroom, not them. So we have to feel comfortable to stay in it. In this first day we mostly spend our time to think about the theme and what we gonna do to the classroom. Then after a few discussions, me and my classmates agreed that the theme of our classroom is “space”.

I saw that all the students were really enjoyed the decorating session. Maybe because the teachers allowed us to do anything to the classroom (even if we wanted to make a painting on the wall).

After following all activities in day 1, I realized that I really like this school. So many things in this school are different from other schools that I usually know before. This school has unique way to make us happy in learning, and learn optimally during the years we will stay in here.

-Day 2 (Thursday, July 12th 2018)


This day, I went to school without any nervous feeling anymore, because I already know my friends and teachers.

The most exciting thing that we played in this second day of school was a mini scavenger hunt! In this scavenger hunt we played in a group that we already make the day before. If you don’t know, scavenger hunt is a game where we need to do mission / collect object that already given by whoever that set up the game.


My group consists of me (year 7), Bella (year 8), Mazaya (year 8), Nashwa (year 7), Nara (year 6), Muhammad (year 6), Fabian (year 6), and Rio (year 7). There were five missions that we needed to complete. The mission was spreaded around the school in the form of QR Code. So we need to searched for the paper with QR Code in it, and then scan it so we can read the mission they gave to us.


There were various missions that teachers give us. But the same thing was, we needed to do wefie after we’ve done with each mission. For example, there was a mission that we needed to interview the librarian. Then after we interviewed him we need to took a wefie with him and uploaded the picture on social media. In my group, the social media that we used was Mazaya’s social media.


Although at first we didn’t know why teachers made this game, but at the end we understand that there was a reason why the teachers made us play this. It was because we were able to know more about the school areas and the school’s staffs. It was a really fun to do! And I think through this game we were starting to care about everything around us. Not only the places, but also the people.


After we had lunch, we came back to our own classroom to continue in decorating our class. Some of us started to sketched a drawing on the wall while the others painted the finished sketch, or decorated the classroom door. It was awesome!

But at the end of the day, actually we still didn’t finished the decoration yet because the time is up and we had to go home. Some of us complained a little, asked an additional time to our homeroom because we were having so much fun in decorating however we want. We didn’t want to go home yet. But our homeroom said, we still have a whole orientation week ahead to continue the activity. So we were really looking forward to that.

I think that’s all for my ‘back to school’ story, especially in the first two days of my middle school. Do not hesitate to share in the comment below about your ‘back to school story’ (if your school is already started) or your back to school resolution. Bye!

*Note: All pictures here except for the first two pictures were taken from Mazaya’s phone. Thank you Mazaya!

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