My Orientation Week Story: Cikal Community Walk

Becoming a middle school student is beyond my imagination. I have so many interesting, fun, and awesome activities everyday. Today, I will share one of those activities that I did in day 4 of Cikal’s orientation week (July 16th 2018). The activity is Community Walk.

In Community Walk, all MYP (Middle Year Program) students walk around the school area and make an observation. We have to observe the surroundings as careful and detail as we can. We went to 2 small villages near the school and also a health center not far from there. If we found something bad from our observations, we need to discuss and find a way to solve the problem.

We spend one hour and a half for observing the area. Then after we have finished observing, we went back to the school and came together in multipurpose hall. We shared our experiences and our notes of observation.

After sharing session and had a class discussion, we conclude that the condition of the three places (2 villages and 1 health center) are in bad hygiene. There were some kids that have malnutrition in one of the village. It’s probably because of bad habit in eating and the habit that always throw away their trash in any places, although our school already provided them some trash can last year.

We also saw  that at the back of the village, there was a people that always burned their trash. In my opinion, burning trash can end to a pollution and fasten the global warming process. So it increases the health problem in community. We discussed it seriously, and after that teacher asked us to make a plan for solving or preventing the problem in group.

Our way to prevent people from doing that bad habit was making a poster! All MYP students were divided into 10 groups and each group needs to make a poster about one of the problem we choose to overcome. In my group (consist of me, Nashwa, Nara, and Rio), we chose the theme pollution.

In the poster, we explained what causes the pollution and why we shouldn’t do it. The example that we used is based on what we saw, burning trash. Then we gave some sollution that we can use instead of burning the trash. For organic trash, we can easily bury it. While for non-organic trash, we can recycle the trash so it can be a much more useful item.

Each group hung all posters on a board that was provided in the multipurpose hall. Then what we did after that is giving feedback to other group’s poster. If we found the lack of the posters, the feedback should be explained without any negative words. So, we have to keep appreciating each other.

I’ve learned so much in that whole day. It was really fun and really educative at the same time. I haven’t had a learning experience like this before. Observing the environment around the school, finding a problem to be solved, trying to make a sollution, caring to others, doing a teamwork, giving feedback in appreciative way, etc. Well, I’m always excited and can’t wait for my next new and great experience in this school.

Bye everyone!! I’ll see you soon with another notes.

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