My Orientation Week Story: MYP Art Project & Yayoi Kusama

“A polka-dot has the form of the sun, which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life, and also the form of the moon, which is calm. Round, soft, colourful, senseless and unknowing. Polka-dots can’t stay alone; like the communicative life of people, two or three polka-dots become movement… Polka-dots are a way to infinity.”

-Yayoi Kusama

July 18th, the MYP students did an art project as one of the activity in orientation program. In this art project, we need to make two artworks using polka-dots, inspired by the well-known artist Yayoi Kusama. For you that don’t know yet, Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who is focus on making sculpture and installation. But one thing that really unique is, she always makes her artwork using polka-dots.

Each MYP classes were devided into two groups. Each group gets an equal amount of different color paper (that was already cutted by the teachers in the shape of dots), and we have to arrange that dots to make two artworks that’s have a philosophy in it.

My group (consist of me, Kenisha, Nadya, Lea, Hans, and Rafi) actually didn’t try to think about the philosophy first, and just arranged the dots randomly. We started to think about the philosophy after each artwork was finished. In the first artwork, we arranged the dots looks like a wave. While in the second artwork we arranged it differently, and it looks like a tree with the sun.


The group members who make the philosophys were me and Lea. Lea made the philosophy of the wave artwork, and I made the philosophy of the second one. The philosophy that Lea explained was:

“Each color itself symbolizes a path, the path of the human life. Some people could start small and end up big. Some others start big and end up small. All lives will eventually end, just like the arrangement of dots. But up in the circle above, is where I believe everyone will go.”

While my philosophy about the polkadots tree:

“The tree is a representation of people’s life in a community. We can came from the same group, same family, or same ethnicity (represented by the same color of the root). But when we grow up, we gonna be more different than before (that’s represented by the different colors of the leaves). We will have a different personality, different passion, etc. But at the end we still have to remember that we are still tied in the same community and that we can’t live without each other. While the sun up there is our hope, dream, and goals in life that make us grow and make us more mature than before.”

In only one activity, I have learned a lot of things. I’ve learned to make an amazing artworks as well as to find and understand about their meaning / philosophy. And then although my teachers didn’t ask directly, a lot of us initiatively searched for Yayoi Kusama and collect the informations about her, as much as we can, including me. So I think this is a very practical and fun way of learning something.

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