My Summative Assessments in Term 2

After quite a long time learning in Sekolah Cikal Surabaya, it’s finally almost the end of the school semester. And that also means I need to finish all of my term 2 summative assessments in time. Just like last term, the summative assessments that I got were very interesting so I decided to share some of it in this blog.

The first assessment was from English lesson. I think, this was the most complicated assessment that I got comparing to the other assessments. So first, we observed some issues that we faced in our daily life for a week. For me, it includes traffic jam, bumpy road, littering, and etc. The next step was, we chose one issue out of the seven issues that we already found on the observation and made a road map about it.

What I mean by road map is, we need to research the causes of littering, put it in a order that makes people easy to understand it, explain each causes thoroughly, and write the solution of each causes. But in the road map, we just need to make it simple, because after that we made an essay to explain the road map in detail.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 8.15.33 PM.png

The most challenging part of this assessment was that we must be patient in doing the research part and be careful not to make mistakes when making essay or road map. Because since the assessment have a lot of parts in it, it could make us unaware of what we write and what we read.

By doing this assessment project, I can be more aware of my surrounding. Besides that, the writing process that I did indirectly improved my grammar.

Moving on to the next assessment, in Math class, the project was actually pretty fun, because it includes socializing to new people. So since in this term we focused on learning about business, we interviewed a small seller near my school as the assessment. From there I made an average profit table that the seller got in 4 days of selling.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 7.52.58 PM.png

After that, we advertised that small seller. We can advertise it in any kind of way that we want. For me, I chose to advertise the seller using instagram. The reason I chose instagram is because people tend to use it more often than other social media platform. So by uploading some cool pictures of the product, I hope there will be a lot of people that interested to go there.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 8.14.26 PM.png

The next assessment was the one that I really like, that is from Individual and Societies lesson. This term, I have learned so much about equality through many stories of Indonesian heroes in the past and the present time. So for the assessment, I chose one movement or a certain equality issue that happens in Indonesia. Then I made a poster about it and explained it in an essay.

i&s poster.png

The issue that I chose was the education right of disability people. Above this notes, I have inserted the poster that I made about two weeks ago. As you guys can see, I put a quote about disability right by Emma Thompson in the poster. I hope by using that quote, it will reflect the meaning of the poster and people could understand it easily.

To make this project optimally, I joined mamski’s lecture about inclusive learning in Psychology Master Program about 3 weeks ago. And thanks to mamski, I’ve learned and got so much additional data from it that really helped me in making the project.

The last summative assessment that I will tell you in this blog post is from Bahasa Indonesia. This term, we made a 1000 words short story and its illustration for the assessment.

The short story that I made was about an isolated city with its residents that just do what their government said like a robot. So there’s no actual happiness that shines within them. In the middle of that big problem, there is one pre-teenage girl that do an adventure with her father to the ‘outside world’ secretly just to proof the other residents that happiness is important in this life.

For this project, I made a 3000 words short story rather than 1000 words because I really enjoy the process of making the story itself.

Well, those are some of my summative assessments in this term and I wish it could give you inspiration to create an interesting project for a learning activity.

LCM Examination Songs 2018 – 2020

1. Billie’s Song – Valerie Capers (Grade 4)

2. The Boys’ Round: from Children’s Christmas – Niels Gade (Grade 5)

Youth Music Competition 2018

After the last competition around two years ago, I finally participated another piano competition again yesterday. The competition called ‘Youth Music Competition 2018’. This competition was held by Melodia Music School in collaboration with University of West London (London College of Music). It is different competition with the one that I participated 2 years ago. That was The Quatro Music Competition from Quatro Music School with a judge from Royal College of Music.

Besides Royal College of Music, London College of Music (LCM) is also one of the largest music college in the world. Although it is not established by the royal charter, but it is well known for its alumni that now become songwriter, music producer, founder of an orchestra, and etc.

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My First Time Following Taekwondo Exam

Do you still remember, I ever told you in my second Weekly Reflection that I join Taekwondo club? Well, as I said at that reflection, one of the reason I join this club was because my parents want me to have enough skill to protect myself, and also because through this activity I can do physical exercise more often.

To be honest, at the first time I become a new member, it was difficult for me to enjoy it. But after a few weeks of practice, I can finally adapt to this activity. And today was the first time I follow a Taekwondo Exam after about 3 months of practicing. The exam was to upgrade my level from white belt to yellow belt. In this exam I presented the stances that I have already learned. In total, there were 2 basics (gibon / basic 1 and 2) and 8 stances that I presented. The stances include one punch, 4 kicks, and 3 blocks.

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BTS Songs Piano Cover

  • Answer: Love Myself

  • Euphoria – Serendipity (medley)

Esai Bahasa Indonesia: Pendidikan Untuk Semua

Hari ini, aku mengunggah salah satu tugas esaiku dari pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia di sekolah, yang bertemakan pendidikan untuk semua. Di esai ini, aku memilih konteks pendidikan untuk anak berkebutuhan khusus karena saat tugas diberikan, aku merasa tidak banyak teman-temanku yang akan memilih konteks yang sama. Sebab biasanya, orang akan lebih mengaitkan topik ini dengan kondisi ekonomi.

Untuk unggahan ini, aku telah memperbaiki beberapa bagian dari esai yang sudah kukumpulkan ini agar menjadi lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Selamat membaca! 🙂


Pendidikan memiliki peran penting dalam kehidupan manusia dan masyarakat. Pendidikan menguatkan kemampuan setiap orang untuk bisa mencapai kesuksesan yang inginkan. Pendidikan juga memajukan bangsa dan membangun karakter kita di masa depan.

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My Motoric Development Stimulation Project

As you guys may know, one of the elective class that I join in is Fabric Product Design. In this class, I need to make a fabric product that can be use for children’s developmental stimulation. So the product that I chose is a fine motor stimulation by making clothing learning aids. The reason I chose this type of learning aids is because I want to help children that maybe still need help with their motor skill.


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