Being Grade 6 Student & My Preparation for Final Exam

Hi!!! This days, I’m really busy being a grade 6 student. But I still want to write something in this blog too. So in this post I’m gonna write about my life as a grade 6 student and my preparation for Final Exam plus a few tips for you that really worried about the Final Exam.


Being a grade 6 student, I have tight schedule. Almost every week I have an exam to do and because of that, there’s some of my friend became sick. So it’s really important for me to take a break as often as possible. Although it is quite hard because I really need to study hard, especially in this second semester of my grade.  But when I can, I take an extra break just for sleeping longer than usual (hehehe), reading a book (besides school book), playing piano, singing and listening to music, etc.

For all friends that are still in the 4th or 5th grade, I remind you that becoming a grade 6 student we have a serious responsibility. We can’t be as free as usual, because most of our time are taken for studying. And all of the learning process have to be finished in only 7 months! From August until February. While in March until May our days will be full of exam like I said before.

But, please don’t think that being a grade 6 student is always stressful. Because stressful or not is depend on how we see and think about the situation. If we see it by always looking at the stressful / negative side, then we can become stress and the result can be worse. But if we still try to enjoy it, I believe that the results of our exam is gonna be better because we will be less stress.

I have some tips for you to deal with the Final Exam. I got this tips from what I experienced, my seniors (that graduated from my elementary school last year), and youtube. Here it is:

  • Make your own study schedule. This will make you study on track and hopely you will be more productive than before.
  • Summarize every important thing you study. By summarizing, when you need to study again, you just have to read your summary. So it makes studying more efficient.
  • Make a study groups with your friends. It will make studying more fun. But, you have to make a small one because if there’s too much member, you probably will not be learning and maybe just playing around.
  • Try to use studying apps on your phone! This will make studying much more easier seeing that people nowadays always on their phone. Tell me in the comment section, should I make a post about what apps I use for studying? Because I’d love to make it for you.
  • Have a rest. For me this is crucial because I see a lot of my friend that really tired with all of the exams and then they became sick because they’re not having enough rest.
  • Try to enjoy it! I really believe that  when we try to enjoy it the results of our exams will be greater than if we just see the negative side.

Well, there’s only a month left before I leave my elementary school. I’ll really miss my friends and even teachers. But I really hope that me and my friends get an excellent result for the Final Exam and we can reach our own dreams in the future.

I think it’s enough for today’s post. I hope it will help you all in facing your Final Exam too. Bye!!!

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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