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Reasons Why I Love BTS (Special for BTS 5th Anniversary)

Happy BTS 5th anniversary!!!

As I told you before, in this post I’m gonna be talking about how I became BTS ARMY (BTS’ fanbase) and the reasons I stan BTS.

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My Special Cover for the BTS 5th Anniversary (Spoiler)

In order to celebrate the BTS 5th Anniversary, I made another BTS’ song cover. But I can’t tell you yet what the song is because I will upload it at June 13th. This song is the main song of BTS’ new album, Love Yourself: Tear, that became the number one song on Billboard top 200 about a week ago. That’s why I decided to cover this song and make it as a gift for their 5th Anniversary.

I actually got the idea to cover BTS’ song from about 3 weeks ago, and my previous idea is covering 6 BTS’ songs (from 2013- 2018) and then uploading one song every day from six days before BTS Anniversary date. But when I tought about it again, I immediately canceled the idea because I don’t think I can cover and record it in a short period of time and also seeing that I have to go to my grandma’s house soon for Idul Fitri.

After I left that first idea, I tought that I will make a medley from a few songs that represent BTS’ albums from 2013-2018. But again I realized that I already made a medley from few of BTS songs not long ago so I don’t want to make it again.

So, rather than making a big project, I only made this special cover that took almost a week to make. And beside the cover project, I also gonna post something on this blog about BTS on June 13th aswell. So, just wait for it!



Yogyakarta Study Tour 2018 – Day 2

This story is about the second day of my school study tour in Yogyakarta. Enjoy!

That day, my roommate woke me up at 5 am because we had to check out from the hotel at 6 am. So we only had an hour to prepare everything. Like the day before, we took a bath after prayed shubuh. Then we packed our suitcase quickly.

The places we visited that day were Muhammadiyah Central Leader Office in Yogyakarta, Muhammadiyah Suronatan Elementary School, Mosque Gedhe Kauman, the graveyard of Nyai Walidah, and Taman Pintar.

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Yogyakarta Study Tour 2018 – Day 1

May 15th, I came back from Yogyakarta after following my school study tour. This program was for students who have just graduated. During the study tour, we visit a lot of places that I never been before. So, this story will be devided into two posts, according to the day of activities.  Now, enjoy the first one!

The study tour started on Saturday night (12 May) at 9.30 pm, and ended on Tuesday at 2.00 am. When we were there, it was quite challenging to take a rest. Because the schedule was very tight and we only slept in the hotel for one night.

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My Elementary School Graduation

I finally graduated from my elementary school! Yeayy!! My graduation was held on Thursday, 10 May 2018. There were 198 students who graduated this year.


Before the graduation ceremony was started, there were several performances from my juniors. The performances were choir, tahfidz, etc. My favorite performance was a self defence arts that presented by 7 students. In that performance, they did a lot of atractions, like fighting simulation, tiger leap (high jump), etc.

The graduation ceremony itself opened with the speech of my school’s headmistress and head of the school committe. Then the school leaders, teacher representatives and 6 grader student representatives walk from the back of the auditorium. The student representatives were all taken from 6 Abu Bakar class. And I was one of the them.

The ceremony was started  from the students of 6 Abu Bakar class, up to the students of 6 Khalid class. The students queue by the attendance number. And the MC called the student name one by one from the boys to the girls.

I felt really happy, nervous, and proud of myself at the same time when the MC called my name. I can’t believe that I already finished the 6 years in this school. And now it’s time for me to continue to learn in a new place and discover a lot of new things.

On the stage, the headmistress congratulated me and then my homeroom teacher gave me a roll of certificate that indicate that I already graduated from elementary school.

When I back to my seat, me and my friends that already called to go to the stage congratulated each other. And we also pray for each other, so our final exam results will be great, because it’s actually not out yet.

It took a lot of time to called 198 students name. But when it was finished, we felt so relieved and happy for each other.

The next section of the ceremony was giving awards to the students based on several categories. And thanks to Allah, I was one of the students that get the awards. I get 2 of them, one for my parcitipation in choir group and one for completing the recitation of Juz 30 of Al Quran with a Mumtaz result.

I was so happy at that time, although I didn’t understand why I didn’t receive the awards for writing. Because in several years I did alot of things related to writing activity, such as participating in several competitions, become one of story writer of a book that published by Unesa Surabaya, actively writing a blog that other students don’t, and I was also an active member of student journalist at school from my fourth grade until the first semester of my sixth grade. But that’s ok, maybe my teacher forgot about that.

And then after the awards time, it was the part where I really nervous and excited. Because, there were some of 6th grader including me that presented 3 special performances for all audiences. We sang Rahman Ya Rahman, recited Surah Al-Buruj and Ar-Rahman, then sang Hymne Guru. In the second song (Hymne Guru), I played the piano with my friend, Nayla Faza.

We were really nervous because we only had 4-5 times to practice this performance. And we still think that our performance was not good until the last practise. So we’re scared that we gonna ruined the graduation just because of our bad performance. But it turned out really well! The teachers loves it. Some of them was also cried because they were touched by our performance. Because of that, we were proud of ourself even more.

The graduation ended after we ended the performance. We congratulated each other for the last time, say goodbye, then go home.

Being graduated was a really memorable experience. For the last time I just want to say thank you to all of my teachers that teach me a lot of things during this 6 unforgetable years. I love you all, Bapak and Ibu Guru. And also for my friends and teachers, I’m very sorry if I accidentally ever hurt your feeling in this past years. Hopefully all of us will find a way to be more successful in the future.