And the Final Examination is Over!

The Final Exam is over, y’all!!!


Yep, today is the last day of National Final Exam for elementary school. All of us, the 6 grader are already finished it! We are so happy because it means that we don’t need to study hard anymore for at least 2 months ahead. What I mean study hard here is actually study the lessons from school. And also for 2 months we can rest our mind and body, and prepare ourselves to enter Junior High School.

Well, that’s the happy part of it.

But the sad part is, there are only a few days left for us to be able to meet our friends at school. Because we will be graduated on 10 May, which is only a week to go. We are really sure that we gonna miss all of the memories from our Elementary School. Although school activity is not always exciting and sometimes boring, but we’re still gonna miss it.

I think, it also the time when some of us feel regret for what we have done in the past, during the 6 years of our study period. Maybe lots of us also think that we should be doing something better before leaving Elementary School. But I think there’s no point to regret it. After all, time will always flies and life will always go on. So keep moving on with all spirit to do the best in every second.

For all my juniors if you’re reading it,  never dissappoint your friends or teachers. Maybe at the beginning, it feels fine. But believe me, you will regret it when you have to leave them.


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