Reasons Why I Love BTS (Special for BTS 5th Anniversary)

Happy BTS 5th anniversary!!!

As I told you before, in this post I’m gonna be talking about how I became BTS ARMY (BTS’ fanbase) and the reasons I stan BTS.

I started to know about BTS a year ago because of my friends, and over time there were so many of them that one by one became an ARMY. They usually sang BTS’ song (Go Go) together at school until I memorized the song . But at that time, I still not insterested to know more about BTS.

Before I’ve got interested to BTS, I actually almost became an Exo-l (Exo’s fanbase) because I thought their song is better than BTS’ song. So at that time, I started to searched about Exo.

But I was not interested anymore about Exo because after I searched a lot of information from the internet, their image is like a bad boys. So I decided that I only like some of their song but not actually become their fan (although I don’t hate them either).

I still remembered that I started to be interested to BTS when my bestfriends became an ARMY at January and asked me to make a piano cover of their song called DNA. From that moment, I started to like their songs such as Go Go, DNA, Spring Day, etc.

Then I became a fangirl at February when I know more about BTS. There are few reasons I love them until I decided to be an ARMY like now. And here are my own reasons:

  1. They came from a small agency called Big Hit Entertainment that was underrated in South Korea. So at the few first year they were debuted, they were often called ‘poor idol’ because Big Hit couldn’t afford them amazing stuff or facilities like other idols from bigger agency. But although a lot of people insulted them, they were not give up until they became like what we can see now. So, we can say that their efforts to be an idol were bigger than other idols.
  2. Despite they’re worldwide famous now, they’re not keeping the image just for keeping their reputation. They’re still humble and they didn’t change their personality just because of following the public reactions.
  3. They are known as one of Korean idol that are active in charity projects. One of their current project is a collaboration with UNICEF called LOVE MYSELF Anti Violence Global Campaign. The campaign aim is spreading love, peace and making a better place to live for everyone in this world. In this campaign the fund is raised by four types of donations, such as:
    1. Donations worth 500 million won (approximately $447,000) from Big Hit Entertainment and the seven members of BTS.
    2. Donations of 3 percent of the income from the sales of physical albums of the Love Yourself series.
    3. Donations of 100 percent of the income from the sales of official goods for the LOVE MYSELF campaign.
    4. Donations from the donation desks installed by UNICEF.
  4. They always participate in making all of their songs. Whether they make the lyrics, the music notes, or both of them. So their musical skill are not only performing the music (sing and dance) but also creating it.
  5. Their albums concept are always unique. Rather than making an ordinary one, they make it into a trilogy album. So there are storyline between each trilogy album, like Love Yourself: Her, Love Yourself: Tear, and Love Yourself: Wonder (that will be release soon), and also HYYH (Hwayangyeonhwa): part 1, part 2, and Young Forever. With the trilogy concept, it makes me much more curious about the upcoming album that they will make.
  6. BTS’ song lyrics mostly about social issues that affect youth, so it’s really suitable for people from kid to young adult that related to the social issues. Because from what I heard, there were some people that almost commite suicide but they canceled it after hearing one of BTS’ song about the issue. BTS’ song made them feel motivated to continue their life again.

BTS affected me so much in a good way. After I stan them, I realized that I’m more productive in making song cover using my piano, because I’m always excited to try to cover each of their song. BTS is also one of the things that can cheer me up when there is something wrong. Their fun, goofy, and unique personality always makes me feel happy and entertained.

So again for all of ARMY that read this note, happy 5 years with BTS!!! I hope they will always make a good music that bring happiness and motivation for all of people in the world.

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