Serang Beach, Blitar

Happy Eid Mubarak everyone!


This Eid, like other years before, I went to my grandmother’s house in Blitar. There was a tradition in my family to be together in celebrating Idul Fitri. But here I will not tell you about the family gathering, but other experience that was more interesting for me.

It’s about beach. One of the beautiful beach in Blitar that we visited two times during the holiday. The name is Serang Beach. Me and my family visited there two times because the beach has so much area to explore. I’m gonna tell you what did we do in Serang beach. So keep on reading!


Serang beach is located in the south east area of Blitar. The distance is about 45 km from Blitar city. So it will takes you about 90 minutes to go there.


The beach view is really amazing, as beautiful as beaches in Bali or Lombok that people already familiar. On the main beach, there were a lot of lounge chair if you want to take a rest and enjoy the view. And also around the beach, there were a lot of spruce tree. If you want to go there with your family, you can roll out a mat between the tree for getting more relaxing picnic area.


But one thing that you need to make sure is, if you bring kids in Serang beach, don’t let them play near the water. Because over there, the wave is really big so it’s not safe for them to play. But if they really want to play water, on the left side of the beach, there is a small river that leads to the sea and it’s safe to play water in there, as long as they’re not getting near the sea.


Besides the main area, there were small hills on the left and right side of the beach. Me, my father, mother, and other familly member tried to explore the left side hill. From the top of the hill, we can see much more amazing view of the beach and its surroundings. But to go there we need to walk on a pretty steep road. So I’m not recommend you to go up there at fasting time like I did. Because it will be really exhausting and so thirsty.

At the top of the hill, there was like an abandoned building and what’s remain in that building was only the floor of it. That area was the best place to enjoy the beach view, because you can see everything from there. From the source that I read few days before, that abandoned building also being a place to search for hilal before Ramadhan and when Ramadhan is almost over.


From the abandoned building, we can see that there was a small private bay over in the opposite side of Serang beach. The only way to go to that small bay is from the hill, and just walk down the path towards the east. But you have to be really carefull because the path going to the bay is also steep.


On the first day going there (one day before Eid), I only explored until the top of the hill, while on the second day (the first day of Eid) I went to that small bay. Not all of my family go to the bay, there are only my cousins (except two of my little cousins) and my parents. The rest of my family members waited in the main area of the beach.

The small bay was really worthy to explore. The wave there was not as big like in the main beach because there were big rocks that surrounding it. So I think despites the route, it’s more safe for kids to play.


After we were satisfied exploring and taking a lot of photos on that small bay, we went back to the main beach to meet up with the rest of my family and waited for the sun set.


When the sun started to set, we took a lot of photos again (selfies, sillouette photos, etc) because it’s so beautiful. I showed one of it up there if you want to check it out. Then not long after that, we prepared to go back to my grandmother’s house.

It was so much fun going to Serang beach. My family is planning to go there again and explore other hill on the right side of the beach. For you that will go to Blitar, I suggest you to visit Serang beach and try to explore the hills over there. But please if you go to Serang beach (especially if you explore the hill), don’t throw away plastic or other waste carelessly everywhere you go there. Please respect to the environment and the local people who worked hard for keeping the beach and its surroundings always clean and well-maintained.

See ya!

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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