Weekly Reflection of Year 7 Learning #1

Hi! You already knew that I have so many awesome learning activities at my school. So, in my blog I will make weekly reflection that will be updated every Saturday or Sunday. In this series of learning reflection, I will write everything exciting or interesting that happen during my school activities in a week. The reason I make this kind of post is being able to reflect of what I have done in one week and to help me in achieving one of Cikal 5 Stars Competency, that is Self-Regulated Learner.


So, this was actually the first week after I finished the orientation program. This week we started the actual lessons and schedule. We got introduced about some topics we gonna learn in this first term (July-October). We (year 7 students) have 12 core and required subjects of learning, and 2 elective subjects that each student can choose differently.

The core and required subjects consist of:

  1. Bahasa Indonesia (core subject)
  2. English (core subject)
  3. Individual and Society (core subject)
  4. Design (core subject)
  5. Mathematics (core subject)
  6. Science (core subject)
  7. Visual Art (required subject)
  8. Physical and Health Education (required subject)
  9. Musics (required subject)
  10. Religion (required subject)
  11. Library Visit (required subject)
  12. Personal and Social Education (required subject)

While the elective subjects that I chose are Fabric Product Design class and Introduction to Japanese Culture class. To follow the classes that we want, we need to make a proposal essay and send it to our homeroom teachers. In the proposal essay, we need to explain why we want to be in that classes. Although it might sounds easy, but it actually quite hard because we need to make in 500 words for students from Year 7, and different length for students from different year.

The reasons I want to be in Fabric Product Design class is because in this class I can let my creativity flow, to practice my sewing/stiching skills in making certain product, and because the final result of the product that we gonna make will be given to Cikal kindergarten students. So it’s gonna be useful after all.

Then the reasons I want to follow the class of Introduction to Japanese Culture is because I really want to be able to speak in other countries languages besides English, although it’s only in simple sentences. So I think Japanese is a good start for me to learn. The other reason is because I always interested in learning about other country’s culture and history. Alhamdulillah, with my proposals I was accepted to the both of the classes.

Besides all activities related to the introduction of each subjects, in this first week we also started to get some assignments. Most of the assignments that I have got were in the form of essay and presentation. Like the biography assignment from Bahasa Indonesia class, and the fraction assignment from Math class. Then for the presentation there were ‘Me, Myself, and I’ presentation (where we describe ourself) from Design class, and also the ‘Seven Elements of Art’ from Visual Art class.

What I love about Cikal’s assignment is the fact that the teachers always give us the assignments that will make us understand what is the function of the topic in real life experience. For example, when students learn about fraction in Math class, we were asked by the teachers to search advertisement online about discount and invesment, and then we have to calculate/check whether the percentage of the discount is correct. We analize whether the information that we found were reliable with the real price reduction of each item. So with this activity, we are not only practice to anwer the question and remember the Math formula.

Everyday I also make a summaries about the topics that I’ve learned at school. I usually make it at home in the evening. The reason I still make summaries of the lessons is because this is one of my way of learning since I was in elementary school. By making summary, it’s easier for me to understand the topic itself.

Finishing this week, besides having a lot of awesome learning activities, I’m also getting closer to my friends. Several friends that always with me every break or lunch time are Kenisha, Nadya, Lea, Daanisy, and Adzra. I’m so grateful that they really help me a lot in my first few weeks in this school. Thank you so much, guys ❤

I really felt that in Cikal, the teachers and students are like a family. Although sometimes we don’t always like all the behaviour of other person, but we can’t really hate them either because we ‘live’ and learn together here.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’ll see you again in the next post. Bye!

*note: Today (July 29th) is papski’s birthday. So I just want to say happy birthday papskiii!!! I hope in the future you can stay healthy and keep sharing positivity to others! 😊

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

7 replies on “Weekly Reflection of Year 7 Learning #1”

Damaaai, maa syaa Allah ❤️

Seneng banget baca bagian ini :
“What I love about Cikal’s assignment is the fact that the teachers always give us the assignments that will make us understand what is the function of the topic in real life experience.”

I’m very proud of you, shalihah 🤗

Terus semangat berbagi dan menginspirasi!

You’re welcome, shalihah 😊

Mai, cukup sekali ya panggil “tante”nya. Hahahaha. Kak Sekar aja. Anak 19th sepertinya terlalu tua untuk dipanggil tante. 🤣

Salam kenal dari Bandung!

Kl Tulisannya pakai BHS Indonesia akan lbh baik lagi, banyak yg baca dan faham sehingga bs jd inspirasi. Sekaligus melestarikan BHS Indonesia. Sebagai org Indonesia kita cinta dan bangga dgn Bhs. Indonesia 👍👍👍

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