My First Time Writing A Full Song

Hi! It has been almost 3 weeks since my last post were published on this blog, and I feel like I want to publish something now. So I just got the idea to make a blog post about the new song that I made and the story behind it.

Just for a short note, technically this wasn’t my actual first time making a song, but this was the first time I finished making a song completely, with the lyrics and full arrangement in a music sheet.

The idea of making this song came up when I often saw a lot of people including my friends were struggling with their problems and stressed out because of it. As a friend, I always try to help them, but I feel I want to do it through another way.

So then in one night, suddenly I got an inspiration to start making the song. The melody just came into my mind, and then I tried to play it and expand it gradually.

In the making of this song, I learnt from the mistake I did on my previous song project. On that previous project, I finished the melody first, and then I tried to make the lyrics. Later on, I found out that it was more difficult for me to make the lyrics if I do it like that, because I have to adjust the lyrics syllables to the melody. So that’s why in this project I work on those two things together.

About the lyrics, I’m trying to tell a lot of people especially teenager that they’re not the only one who have the same problems. There are a lot of other people that ever been in the same situation and struggle with the same problems.

So then, I just want to tell people that they could always overcome their problems and that everything will be alright at the end. That’s also why I named the song: ‘It Will Be Alright’.

While making this song, actually the challenge that I face was related to my time management. I was supposed to post the video on my birthday a week ago. But because of the current project in my school and the sudden change of the song that I made, I couldn’t finish it on time.

Now, I will show you the lyrics and the full video of my song. I hope you enjoy it!


He’s insecure
And unsure
Do he have to change or not

He feels pain
That left unsaid
And bury it at the edge of his heart

Little did he knows
That he will grow
Being the strongest of them all

So I just tell him that..

You’re a star in cloudy night
Waiting it’s time to shine bright
Just forgets the endless pain
Cause it will be alright

So promise me
That you’ll never give up
And I believe
That you’ll stand up
On your own, because

You’re a star in cloudy night
Waiting it’s time to shine bright
Just forgets the endless pain
Cause it will be alright

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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