My First Time Writing A Full Song

Hi! It has been almost 3 weeks since my last post were published on this blog, and I feel like I want to publish something now. So I just got the idea to make a blog post about the new song that I made and the story behind it.

Just for a short note, technically this wasn’t my actual first time making a song, but this was the first time I finished making a song completely, with the lyrics and full arrangement in a music sheet.

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Youth Music Competition 2018

After the last competition around two years ago, I finally participated another piano competition again yesterday. The competition called ‘Youth Music Competition 2018’. This competition was held by Melodia Music School in collaboration with University of West London (London College of Music). It is different competition with the one that I participated 2 years ago. That was The Quatro Music Competition from Quatro Music School with a judge from Royal College of Music.

Besides Royal College of Music, London College of Music (LCM) is also one of the largest music college in the world. Although it is not established by the royal charter, but it is well known for its alumni that now become songwriter, music producer, founder of an orchestra, and etc.

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My New Piano Videos

To give a variation post between my Weekly Reflections, I will share to you three of my piano videos that I haven’t upload yet in this blog. These three piano videos consist of: (1) A cover of BTS’ song: Idol; (2) My favorite classical song: Blumenlied; and (3) A cover collaboration with Mamski using the song: Melati Suci. I hope you enjoy all of it!

Idol – BTS


Blumenlied – Gustav Lange


Melati Suci

Konser Mahakarya Anak Indonesia

Akhirnya… Aku ikut konser lagi! Yeeaaaaayyyyyy…! Setelah sekian lamanya off konser sejak aku tidak lagi ikut sekolah musik, hehehe…

Konser ini diberi nama “Mahakarya Anak Indonesia”. Beda konser ini dengan konser yang sebelum-sebelumnya pernah aku ikuti adalah yang menyelenggarakan guru-guru privat, bukan dari sekolah musik tertentu. Yang ikut konser ini ada sekitar 70 anak, murid dari Miss Mita, Miss Andhin, dan Miss Dinda. Kebetulan ketiganya dulu adalah guru-guru dari sekolah musikku yang akhirnya memilih untuk mandiri mengajar privat.

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