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Short Self-Love Messages That You Might Need

Hi there.

Whether you are my future self who is currently scrolling through your old posts and crossed upon this writing, or maybe you are just a random person who stumbled across this notes; welcome to a post full of reflections of mine about self-love .

In my opinion, insecurities and low self-esteem is something that every has been going through. Our society has gradually set up this standard of how a person should look like, how a student should have certain grades to be accepted by everyone, and how certain values should change because “it’s not the majorities”. Standards that has gone far too toxic for everyone. 

Teenagers and young adults are doing things like self-harm, extremely unhealthy ‘diet’, or just basically anxious that their opinion won’t be accepted by the public because of it. Number of people committing suicide are increasing every year, but we still need more people who truly cares about those issues.

Therefore, I think it’s a great time for me to write some messages of the things I’ve learned these past years about loving and understanding myself. I hope that these notes can be a reminder for everyone who’s currently going through the crazy roller coaster of life. So just sit back, relax, and let the words speaks to you on a personal level.

If you have the personality of a ‘people-pleaser’, or maybe your schedule is so hectic until you barely care about yourself. Take a break. Believe me, it’s not wrong to please yourself when things every once in a while as a reward. Snuggle up in your comfy blanket. Entertain yourself with a good book, maybe even a movie or TV show that you always want to watch. Listen to the songs you missed out on. And understand that your mind, body, and soul might need some love as well.

Living in a city could means that you live in the center of attraction. Many high-quality facilities are available at the tip of your hand. But it also means the nonstop hustle of its people who seem to be chasing time. And I’m sure that everyone should take a break from this busy life. Go somewhere a little quieter. I recommend you places like a small park or somewhere you can connect with nature. Admire how the sky looks, how the stars shine and could seem so magical. Breath in the fresh air, and start to appreciate every little things in life that you might not notice before.

If your mind seems to be lost all the time, keep calm and try to write a journal, where you can express all of your feelings and thoughts that you don’t want to share with other people. By writing a journal and reading it occasionally, it could really make you understand and know yourself more than before. You will understand the patterns of your behaviour and how it changes from time to time. Therefore, I think it is a great way to get back on track and to know what you actually want in life.

Surround yourself with positive friends and don’t be scared to shut out the ones who brings negativity to your life. Because when you’re at your worst condition and you can not love yourself, your friends are the one who is going to affect you personally. So be in a friendship where everyone understand and will always be there for each other.

Haters are gonna hate, and you need to keep improving. Be sure and think about what you desire in life. Then strive to achieve those things that you want, not the things that other people want.

Finally, to end this messages compilation, I’ll remind you once more to keep loving yourself and accept both your weaknesses and strengths. I hope you find it somewhat helpful, and see you in my next post!

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BTS Songs Piano Cover

  • Answer: Love Myself

  • Euphoria – Serendipity (medley)


Love Yourself – Piano Cover

Hai semuanyaa… 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻 Beberapa hari ini, aku sedang fokus (sebenernya nggak fokus-fokus amat siih.. 😁) mengcover lagu Love Yourself-nya Justin Bieber. Aku membuat cover lagu itu dengan aransemenku sendiri. Aku mencoba membuat aransemen lagu ini karena kebetulan aku dan mamski menyukainya.

Awalnya, aku mencoba untuk menebak-nebak nada dulu untuk melodinya. Dan ternyata, aku bisa melakukannya sampai akhir. Baru setelah itu aku meneruskan percobaan untuk bagian tangan kirinya. Aku dibantu mamski saat membuatnya. Aku mencoba dulu pola nadanya, lalu aku meminta mamski untuk mendengarkan dan memberi tahu kira-kira sudah enak atau belum. Kalau ada yang belum pas, aku akan mencoba membuat pola dan nada yang lain. Karena pelan-pelan melakukannya, kalau dihitung mungkin sekitar satu mingguan aku menyelesaikan ini.

Proses belajar bermusik dengan membuat aransemen  sendiri menurutku rasanya itu seru walaupun kadang-kadang juga membuat pusing waktu belum dapat menemukan pola atau nada yang sesuai. Makanya aku sering berhenti-berhenti. Tapi tetap saja membuat aransemen sendiri itu asyik dan cara belajar pianoku jadi bervariasi karena tidak hanya membaca buku partitur yang sudah ada saja.

Kalau kalian ingin tahu hasil cover Love Yourself yang kubuat, kalian bisa menyimaknya pada video di bawah ini. Selamat menikmati.. 😊