#Random (4): ABRSM Exam and Slime Collection

Now, I’m gonna try to write in English and talk about more than one thing as I do on the other #Random writings. Please forgive me if my English is not good enough, or if I make some mistakes in making sentences.

I want to talk about my royal exam in piano that is called ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Exam and my slime collection!

*ABRSM Exam*

If you scroll down in my blog content, you must find some notes about my ABRSM piano exam. At that time, I take the exam for grade 1. And on 12 April, I’m gonna take the exam again, but for grade 3.

You might be wondering, ‘why I didn’t take the exam for grade 2?’. Well, it’s because we’re allowed to do that. And anyway, my skill is enough for grade 3. So that’s why I skip the second grade.

I don’t know why, but I can’t wait for the D day of that piano exam. Isn’t it wierd? But for me it is normal. As long as it’s not my school exam (lol).

*Slime Collection*

I think you already know that I really like slime. I want to show you now, my slime collection that I made by myself. So I’m gonna upload a video from my youtube channel that I made few weeks ago down here.

But actually there is a few things that change after that video was uploaded on youtube. First, the clear slime is thrown away into the gutter. It’s because the slime turn into a very sticky batter with a really horrible smell! It’s not a slime anymore. I can’t play with that. So the only thing I can do with that slime is, THROW IT AWAY!!!

The second change is I finally make another slime with only white glue. And the texture is really nice. I also added sequins into that slime so the slime is somehow nice to look at (for me).

So that’s all for this #Random post. Hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you later. Byee…!!!

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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