Cerita dari Kampung Inggris Pare

Wiii… Ini tulisan pertamaku di tahun 2018!! Happy New Year ya! Sebenarnya sesuai urutan pengalaman liburanku, seharusnya aku menuliskan terlebih dahulu pengalaman waktu sempat ke rumah nenekku di Blitar. Tapi aku terlanjur mood untuk menulis pengalaman yang ini, yaitu pengalamanku mengikuti English Camp di Kampung Inggris Pare, Kediri.  Jadi untuk tulisan ke Blitar tunggu dulu yaa! Kita lihat nanti, jadi aku tuliskan atau tidak, hihihi…

Tentang English Camp ini akan kubagi menjadi beberapa tulisan. Untuk kali ini aku hanya ingin menjelaskan apa itu English Camp dan Kampung Inggris. Sementara hari-hariku di sana apa saja kegiatannya akan kuceritakan satu persatu di tulisan berikutnya.


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#Random (4): ABRSM Exam and Slime Collection

Now, I’m gonna try to write in English and talk about more than one thing as I do on the other #Random writings. Please forgive me if my English is not good enough, or if I make some mistakes in making sentences.

I want to talk about my royal exam in piano that is called ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) Exam and my slime collection!

*ABRSM Exam*

If you scroll down in my blog content, you must find some notes about my ABRSM piano exam. At that time, I take the exam for grade 1. And on 12 April, I’m gonna take the exam again, but for grade 3.

You might be wondering, ‘why I didn’t take the exam for grade 2?’. Well, it’s because we’re allowed to do that. And anyway, my skill is enough for grade 3. So that’s why I skip the second grade.

I don’t know why, but I can’t wait for the D day of that piano exam. Isn’t it wierd? But for me it is normal. As long as it’s not my school exam (lol).

*Slime Collection*

I think you already know that I really like slime. I want to show you now, my slime collection that I made by myself. So I’m gonna upload a video from my youtube channel that I made few weeks ago down here.

But actually there is a few things that change after that video was uploaded on youtube. First, the clear slime is thrown away into the gutter. It’s because the slime turn into a very sticky batter with a really horrible smell! It’s not a slime anymore. I can’t play with that. So the only thing I can do with that slime is, THROW IT AWAY!!!

The second change is I finally make another slime with only white glue. And the texture is really nice. I also added sequins into that slime so the slime is somehow nice to look at (for me).

So that’s all for this #Random post. Hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you later. Byee…!!!