Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2018

Yesterday, I went to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale with mamski in JX International Surabaya. This is the fourth time Big Bad Wolf held in this city, from September 27th until October 8th. So I was kind of excited to see if there’s any changes between this year and the previous events.


When I went to the section that the young adult fiction imported books were placed, I realized that the majority of this sale are children books. Usually there were 4 or 5 tables full of young adult fiction books. But now, there are only three tables of them. So me and mamski guessed that on the previous BBW, people bought a lot of children books. That’s why there are so many more children books now.




The amount of the books that also increase in this BBW are the Indonesian book. This type of book increase twice as many as last year. But yesterday, I almost didn’t looked at the Indonesian book at all, because I indeed went to BBW just for buying some English / imported books.




After I finished in the fiction section, I followed mamski to the other side of the venue and looked at the other category. From there, I realized that the book arrangements are not really well-organized. There are quite a lot of book that are not placed in its actual category. Well, maybe it’s not the fault of the staff, because it could be the customer that miss-placed it there. But if you go to the book sale, there are actually a lot of staff, and I think they should checked on the categories and put the book back in its category. Instead of doing that, most of them just talked with each other.



Now let’s talk about the books that I bought from there. In this BBW, I bought only 5 books, while mamski bought 1 book. The books that I bought were: (1) As Brave As You – Jason Reynolds, (2) The Battle of Darcy Lane – Tara Altebrando, (3) It’s Okay About It – Lauren Casper, (4) From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, and (5) This is My Life – Meg Wolitzer. The first reason I bought these 5 books was, I think it is quite interesting and I’m sure I will read all of it happily. The second reason, some of the books that I bought was motivational and I’m interested by those kind of books right now. I think the motivational book give me more energy to do some good things and also I always curious about the inspirational story of other people’s life.


Well, I think that’s enough for my notes from Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, and my final impression on this book sale is like I’ve wrote, the previous one was better than this year’s book sale. But the good thing is, although it’s not as interesting as the years before, mamski thought that the average  price of the books are cheaper. Most of the book price that I see were only about 70.000 – 80.000 IDR. While on the previous BBW, as mamski remember, it was higher than that.

So, even if I said that this year’s book sale is not as good as the previous one, I still recommend you to come there since it is still open until October 8th. That way you can see the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale by yourselves and maybe you can still get a lot of good books from there according to your preference.

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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