My Motoric Development Stimulation Project

As you guys may know, one of the elective class that I join in is Fabric Product Design. In this class, I need to make a fabric product that can be use for children’s developmental stimulation. So the product that I chose is a fine motor stimulation by making clothing learning aids. The reason I chose this type of learning aids is because I want to help children that maybe still need help with their motor skill.


In my idea, I made 5 small pads that have different item to close a clothes. There are zipper, button, snap button, ribbon (for them to tie), and velcro. At first, I just want to make an ordinary blank small pads. But mamski said that it will be too boring and the kids probably will not interested in it. That’s why at the end, I gave some decoration so it will be interesting for the children.

Other than giving decoration, I also made a box so whoever that will have it can store it easily. But the box is not only for storing the toys, but also to know how to play this toys.

FullSizeRender 10.jpg

The learning aids that I made is called Open & Close Toys. I named it like that because the concept of the toys is to open and close the small pads. I found two ways to play this toys. I called the first way as level one since it is easier. In level one, children just need to open and close each toy in the order that I already wrote below. While on level two, the teachers or parents need to ask the children to open and close each toy by saying it’s color. Also, in this level, the teacher or parents need to ask the children which one is the easiest and which one is to most difficult, and why? With this way of playing the toys, students or children can also learn about color and they can practice their communication skills.

FullSizeRender 9.jpg

In the beginning of this lesson, I didn’t think that the toys that I made could have a lot of functions like I wrote above. Again, mamski was the one that gave me idea and inspiration to made it like this. So I want to say thank you so much for mamski that already helped me in this project. 🙂

When I made this fabric product, I think the most challenging part is how patient I need to be to sew each part neatly. So patient is something that I need to improve in the future. While the most fun part is when I decorated my product. Because I could be really creative with it.

At the end, I just really hope that whoever that get this toys will be happy about it and the children will have enthusiasm to play this toys. I’ll see you on my next post!

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