My First Camp in Sekolah Cikal (2): The Kaliandra Eco Resort

In the first story of my camp at Kaliandra, I wrote about what I have learned during the leadership training. So in this post, I will share about my activities besides the main program and also some descriptions about the Kaliandra Eco Resort.

I already said that the Kaliandra Resort area is full of trees and it’s quite cold, especially at night. So I recommend you to bring jacket and maybe extra blanket if you don’t really like cold. But don’t worry, the cold weather is only at night. While in the afternoon, it usually felt warm.

Despite the fact that it is cold at night, the view is marvelous in Kaliandra. The trees really make the view look fresh and clean, and there are even some peacock that just roaming around in the area.


I also remember how we were mesmerised by the buildings that we saw over there. From the front gate, we saw a building or mansion on our right that is apparently new in Kaliandra. It’s called Rumah Kolonial 1880.


From the information that our tour guide told us on the last day of the camp, Rumah Kolonial is a replica of the founder of Kaliandra’s (Pak Atmaja) old house in Pasuruan. They built the replica of the house in Kaliandra because Pak Atmaja really like the architecture of it. For me it looks like a house from the 70s / 80s when the Dutch still colonized Indonesia. So I can see why it’s called Rumah Kolonial (1880s Colonial House).


The exterior and interior of the house are all white and the floors are made of marble. That makes this house really aesthetic, especially if you like something vintage.

In front of the house, we could see a bunch of flowers that was neatly arranged and also a swimming pool. But when I went there, the swimming pool was still under renovation.


Another epic building that is still in the front area of Kaliandra is Villa Leduk. Me and my friend went there on our second day of camping. Again, from our tour guide, I know that Villa Leduk was originally Pak Atmaja’s private mansion. This mansion was where Pak Atmaja used to welcome his guest of honor. But until now I still don’t know whether he still live in that mansion or not.


The house architecture is inpired by classic European architecture. So we could see some big and tall pillars that is decorated with some kind of plants. A few kinds of animal also live here, like some deer that live on the backyard, and some more peacocks that live on the frontyard. Sadly, we couldn’t go into the backyard nor inside the mansion itself because there are a lot of antique stuff inside it and the tour guide is scared we will break the antique stuff.



If you want to stay here, this resort have a lot of choices for the acommodation. From the luxurious resort, until the budget-friendly dormroom.

Me and my classmates stayed in the Hastinapura area of this resort. In the Hastinapura area, the acommodations are in the form of bungalows. The bungalow is not the most luxurious acommodation that they have, but it is also not the most budget-friendly one. So I think it is perfect for us as a students to stay there and kind of interact with nature.

In Hastinapura area, there are 5 bungalows in total. In front of the bungalow area, there is a hall where we got together in the morning before we started any activities, for lunch, dinner, and it is also the place where we study together in the first night.



By the way, a little off the topic, what I mean by study together was every night before bed time, we shared our experience, made a discussions, and did some reflections about our activities that day. We talked about our improvement, what we did wrong, what we did right, what we have learned, and etc.



Back to the description of Kaliandra Eco Resort, they also have an organic farm that is managed by local people. With this organic farm, all of the food that were served in Kaliandra are really healthy. The vegetables tasted really fresh and surprisingly, very delicious. With all of those delicious healthy foods, it could help us reach one of Cikal 5 Stars Competency as well, that is “Broadminded and Physically Sound”.

The reason I think it could help us achieve that star because to be a person that is physically sound, we couldn’t just do an exercise, but we also need to eat healthy foods. So hopefully from our experience of eating delicious healthy food here, we can also have an appetite and motivation to keep eating this kind of food at home.




Besides eating healthy foods, the activity that help us to achieve the Broadminded and Physically Sound Star was the morning walk that we did on the second and third day. On the second day’s morning walk, we went to Villa Leduk and the Organic Farm. While on the third day, we explored the forest on a hill that is behind the resort.


Actually this activity was really exhausting. Because most of us are not accustomed to walk on a steep path. But the view that we got from the top of the hill really made our efforts paid off. In front of us we can see clearly Mount Arjuna, and on the right, there is an amazing view of a cliff. It’s so beautiful!



I think that’s it for the description of Kaliandra Eco Resort. Now I want to continue to tell you about the last activity that we did in Kaliandra before we went home.

This activity was paintball! If you don’t know, paintball is a shooting game where the bullet is made from a capsule and if the capsule hits a hard object, it will break and dispense some amount of food coloring. The game will end if there is no one have any bullet left. Also, in this game, the team that win is the one that get less food coloring mark in their body.

We were divided into two teams. The first team consist of Lea, Rio, Nadya, Felix, Adzra, Raffi. While the second team consist of me, Kenisha, Rexer, Hans, Daanisy, Jenson, and Nashwa.


To be honest, I was a little bit scared when I was about to play this game. Because I thought this game will really use our physical ability, and also because I was scared it will hurt very much if I get shot. Turns out, I kind of enjoy this game when it was started. Yes, this game really use our physical ability as I thought, but I’m happy and feel so fun to do it.


The game last for about 10-15 minute, and everyone was so surprised of how fast the game finished. Some of us wanted to play it again, but in our schedule, it was time for us to go home. So we just followed out the teachers.

From all of this story, I think the lesson learned that I’ve got is about the importance of always thinking positive about any stuff or activity that we’ve never did before. Because from my experience, there were many activities that turned out to be better than I thought it would be. The second thing that I’ve learned is about the importance of building a good teamwork in so many activities we did together, and how to help each other in a team or society. Because by helping each other, we’re actually not only helping one person, but also indirectly make the society grows and become better with positive connections.


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