My First Camp in Sekolah Cikal (1): The Leadership Training

Two days ago, I just got back from my camp in Kaliandra Eco Resort Prigen, and I already promise you that I will make a post about it. Before I start, I want to say that this story will be seperated into two posts. I will upload the next part of this story a few days from now as the next Weekly Reflection. I hope you really enjoy to read about my four days camping experience in Kaliandra.



The first thing I want to tell you is the cleanness of Kaliandra Resort. Before I went there, I thought Kaliandra is just the same as other resort that in some places, the hygiene or cleanness is not really well-maintained. But actually, it was really clean! The area looked so well-maintained and not spooky although it is vintage.



Trees, mountains, and hills were our daily view on Kaliandra, and it was really pretty and I think I was obsessed by it. Basically everything that we saw over there is really pleasing and aesthetic. Including the night sky that full of stars.



Enough for the scenery, now I want to tell you what I learned during the camp. The Year 7’s camp is called Leadership Camp, because the focus of the camp is facilitating us to learn about how to be a good leader in the future. But although the main focus of this camp is about leadership, we still got time to learn some ordinary lessons (Individual & Societies, Visual Arts, English, Bahasa Indonesia, etc). We learned all of this lessons every day, but mostly, we learned it on the second day.

We learned the leadership through a lot of games that we played and also discussions. On the first day, we focused on learning how to be a member of a group and how to cooperate with the other members. Mamski said that it is a right thing for us to learn about followership first before we learn about leadership. Because a good follower will have a chance to be a good leader. I actually don’t know the name of any games that we played. So I’ll just immediately show how we played it.


Before we played the first game, we were seperated into two different groups. The first group was consist of Kenisha, Rio, Adzra, Nashwa, Felix, Hans, and Raffi. While the second group consist of me, Nadya, Daanisy, Maier, Jenson, Lea, and Rexer. Each groups has their own leader. For group one, the leader was Rio, and for group two, the leader was Nadya.


One of the game that I really enjoy and I think students learned a lot of things was the game that used pipe as the object. Our instructors from Kaliandra made us a wavy trail of raffia string. Then we as a team need to hold a long pipe using our upper and lower arm. Our main task after that was walking sideways while we stepped on the raffia thread.

It was so much more harder than I thought it would be, because the pipe is not elastic and the raffia thread is really wavy.  So we need to figure out a way to go through that wavy trail.

This was where the learning process started. We learned how to solve the problem, and the most important part is, as a group member we learned how to work with each members of the group. Then for the two of the leaders, they learned about how to understand their group members and knowing their strength and weaknesses.

From this game we also learned to sacrifice something to make the team become successful. Whether we like it or not, sometimes it really need to do in the real life.



If on the first day we mostly learned about how to cooperate with others, on the third day we started to learn about the main content the leadership. We were devided into four groups based on our houses. The Phoenix Team consist of me, Lea, Rio, and Maier. The Unicorn Team consist of Jenson, Adzra, and Raffi. The Dragon Team consist of Daanisy, Nadya, Rexer, and Felix. While the Centicore Team consist of Kenisha, Hans, and Nashwa. With this teams, we did a quiz about Kaliandra and our school so the teachers will know whether we pay attention or not to our surrounding.

There were 15 questions that we need to answer, my team only answered 2 questions wrong. That make us become the winner! (yeeaaaayyy…)

But that’s not the main activity, because after that we were devided again into 3 different groups. In the new groups, we need to imagine we are stranded on an island, and the items that we could find are only a raincoat, a charger, a saucer, a mug or cup, and anything that we can find on that island (rocks, trees, water, etc). From there, we need to find a way to survive one day on that island.

This time, my team consist of me, Hans, Felix, Kenisha, and Maier. In the discussion we explained our ideas one by one. Then I just initiatively combine those ideas into one.

So basically the final idea from my team was: first, make an SOS sign, then we take some sea water and boil it using the mug and some rocks or woods that we could find on that island so we can drink it (from the source that I found, we can drink the steam particles of sea waters that has been boiled). While waiting for the water to boil, we can make a shelter using woods and rocks. We use raincoat and tie it with a charger for a net so we can catch a fish. Lastly, we can break the saucer to make a knife for cutting the fish or fruits that we could find, or maybe to defend ourselves from wild animals.

We presented that idea in front of other students, and then the teachers asked us to discuss who is the natural leader that came from each groups. From Nadya’s group (consist of Nadya, Lea, Raffi, Jenson and Rio) the leader that just came naturally was Lea. I think it was kind of obvious that she was the natural-came leader because she is very talkative and like to organize people in a team.

From my groups, my teammates said that the leader that came naturally were Felix and me. They said it was because both of us were the two who gave the most opinions and the two who could combine every ideas into one.

While from Daanisy group (consist of, Daanisy, Nashwa, Adzra, and Rexer) doesn’t have any leader. Probably that’s because there were no one in that group that has the ability or willingness to organize the other team members.

These three natural-came leaders: me, Lea, and Felix, were the three students that teachers hope can be the leader of Cikal student council that will begin on the next academic year. We were asked to develop this ability and not be scared to take the lead of other students several times, or maybe we can also help the others to develop their leadership ability.

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