Weekly Reflection of Year 7 Learning #7

Two weeks ago, I wrote three summative assessments that I’ve got, so today I will write the summative assessments of other lessons. The lessons that I want to write in this post is English, Math, and the continuation of Individual and Societies.

On English lesson, since our topic is Haiku, the summative assessment was still related to that. The first step was to make a haiku and analyse it by ourselves. Then Miss Enn gave us one of our friend haiku for us to analyse it, and we needed to presentate it in front of the class.

I finished my first step almost a week ago. So I immediately continue to the next step. On the second step, the haiku that I got was:

falling trees in the morning
cut by someone at night
so that it falls in the morning

From my analysis, this haiku tell us about people’s dreams that has been collapsed by someone. The dreams is symbolize by the falling trees, and cut by someone symbolize the person that destroyed it.


I think the writer wanted to tell us to not destroy other people’s dreams in any sort of way. The example of people destroying other people’s dream could be like corruption, bribe, or maybe just by insulting other people’s dreams. 

The next lesson that I want to tell you is Math. In Math lesson, our assessment is related to investment. So we need to make an investment product brochure. The investment product could be anything that we want, it could be mutual funds, deposito, insurance, etc. Then we needed to search for a client and offer them about our product. Lastly we needed to make a report of our discussion with our client.

To help us work on this assessments, Miss Via took us to a bank outlet in Surabaya. Over there, the bank employees explained to us about all kind of investment product and financial planning clearly.

After we went to the bank outlet, me and my friends have an initiative to write down and make a summary of what we learn from the employees of the bank. With making a summary, it will help us to understand about the investment even more and it will make us easier to explain about our product to the client.

I searched and met my client yesterday. My client was one of Cikal staff called Om Nando. But after I showed my product, Om Nando was not really interested in it. It’s because in my brochure there is no explanation whether the money will be save and secure. So I learn from this experience that customer will trust a reliable bank that always ensure if their customer’s money is save and secure.


The last lesson is Individual and Societies. Last week, I already finished the letter that I’ve told you in my last post (Weekly Reflection of Year 7 Learning #6), so yesterday I presented my letter just like I present a business presentation.  It was actually more interesting than I thought. Because we were pushed to be more formal in this presentation unlike any other presentations that we did in other lesson.

That’s it for this week reflection, and I hope you enjoy it. Bye!

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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