My First Camp in Sekolah Cikal (1): The Leadership Training

Two days ago, I just got back from my camp in Kaliandra Eco Resort Prigen, and I already promise you that I will make a post about it. Before I start, I want to say that this story will be seperated into two posts. I will upload the next part of this story a few days from now as the next Weekly Reflection. I hope you really enjoy to read about my four days camping experience in Kaliandra.


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Yogyakarta Study Tour 2018 – Day 2

This story is about the second day of my school study tour in Yogyakarta. Enjoy!

That day, my roommate woke me up at 5 am because we had to check out from the hotel at 6 am. So we only had an hour to prepare everything. Like the day before, we took a bath after prayed shubuh. Then we packed our suitcase quickly.

The places we visited that day were Muhammadiyah Central Leader Office in Yogyakarta, Muhammadiyah Suronatan Elementary School, Mosque Gedhe Kauman, the graveyard of Nyai Walidah, and Taman Pintar.

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Yogyakarta Study Tour 2018 – Day 1

May 15th, I came back from Yogyakarta after following my school study tour. This program was for students who have just graduated. During the study tour, we visit a lot of places that I never been before. So, this story will be devided into two posts, according to the day of activities.  Now, enjoy the first one!

The study tour started on Saturday night (12 May) at 9.30 pm, and ended on Tuesday at 2.00 am. When we were there, it was quite challenging to take a rest. Because the schedule was very tight and we only slept in the hotel for one night.

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Study Tour ke Trowulan-Mojokerto

Kamis tanggal 11 Februari kemarin, sekolahku mangadakan study tour untuk murid-murid kelas 4 ke Trowulan-Mojokerto. Dulu aku sudah pernah satu kali ke Trowulan dan sudah pernah kutulis di blog juga. Di study tour ini kami mengunjungi 5 tempat wisata, yaitu Candi Gentong, Candi Brahu, Museum Majapahit, Gapura Bajangratu, dan Candi Tikus. Diantara 5 tempat tersebut, ada 3 yang sudah kukunjungi: Candi Brahu, Gapura Bajangratu, dan Candi Tikus. Selain 5 tempat wisata, kami juga mengunjungi rumah makan milik nenek dari teman sekelasku untuk makan siang dan shalat. Continue reading “Study Tour ke Trowulan-Mojokerto”