World Scholar’s Cup | Manila Not So Mini Global Round 2019 (2)

We have gone through the days of the World Scholar’s Cup Manila Not So Mini Global Round in my previous post. So the experience would not be complete if I don’t talk about the last day of WSC, when we had the Talent Show and most importantly, the Award Ceremony.

In the Talent Show, I performed a piano cover of BTS’ song which is Mikrokosmos. As you may know, before I went to Manila, I already created this cover and upload it on my youtube channel a while ago. So for preparation, I only practiced it more to lessen the chance of mistake.

I’m pretty sure that I have said this in my post about WSC Regional Round, and that’s about how supportive WSC crowds, including the scholars and the staff members are. When I was about to perform, all of the performers were asked to sit on the front row. And over there, I have met with a bunch of other scholars who had the same goal to entertain people in the venue, and most importantly to challenge themselves in doing something they have never done before.

We then understood that almost all of us has never perform in a big venue consisted of approximately 800 people before. From here, we continued to support and give motivation to others, even though everyone felt uneasy about it. This kind of positive environment really made me much more relaxed about what was going to happen. I also tried to convince myself  how it doesn’t matter if I make a mistake during my performance. As long as I can deliver the message of the song and created an enjoyable performance for everyone.

After the performance, I am so proud and happy for myself. Not only because I played the song without any major mistakes, but also because people seems to enjoy my performance. Again, I love and appreciate the excitement, cheer, and support from the WSC crowds. And I feel like it was truly a one of a kind performing environment that I can rarely feel.

Hours passed and without everyone realized, it was the beginning of the Award Ceremony. Different from the Regional Round, before the Award Ceremony started we had the Flag Ceremony. Where scholars from various places are encouraged to represent their country with being a flag carrier. I would like to quote a speech from the Alpaca in Chief, Daniel Berdichevsky, during the Flag Ceremony:

We live in a world where we often push towards the margins. Where we are separated. Whether it is by distance, by politics, by tradition that seemed to be at odds or as frequently as not, by misunderstandings. Some of them amongst our leaders, some of them in the histories that we are taught. All those differences that push us towards the margins seem to dwindle and disappear during weeks like this. Because at the World Scholar’s Cup, where we come from the specific margin of the story from which we have traveled to this Not So Mini Global Round is less important than the fact that here, we’re all sharing one story together.

With this speech, it has opened my eyes more about diversity. That everyone in this world, regardless of their backgrounds, are deserved to speak for themselves and to be listened by people around them.


The event continued to the actual Award Ceremony. Since the beginning of this program, I always have this mantra to myself, that it doesn’t matter how many medals I got. As long as I already did my very best during all of the competitions. With saying this mantra over and over again, I didn’t feel any pressure during the Award Ceremony, because I was already accepting whatever result I’m getting.

We were genuinely surprised when our team number appeared several times on the screen, showing that we won several awards. It includes: gold medals for Team Debate and Team Bowl, and a silver medal for Team Writing. While for my personal achievements, I got two gold medals for Individual Writing and Debate Champion. 

When we thought the situation would not get any better, we then got the gold medal qualifier for Tournament of Champions! The Tournament of Champions (also known as ToC) itself is the final of WSC, marking the end of this year’s season and will be held this November. We cried a lot of tears of joy, laughed at ourselves, and congratulated each other after the journey we had together.

Before I end this post, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout the preparation months of WSC. Without any of you, me and my team wouldn’t gone this far ahead of our expectations. Also a big thank you to ‘Berita Anak Surabaya’ who just posted an article about my team. Be sure to click here if you want to read it!


Anyways, see you on my next post!!

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