Weekly Reflection of Year 7 Learning #3

It’s a week left before Indonesia Independence Day! Because of that, in this post I will focus on telling you what my school prepared for the Independence Day and also one more interesting activity.

This week, the teachers informed that Year 6 and Year 7 students were chosen to be the flag ceremony officer, so everyone in that years will be involved no matter what. 

Before we get divided into each section, we were teached the basic rules as a flag ceremony officer (how to walk, turn, etc). After practiced on it for a while, it was time to chose the flag raiser. This section is the most crucial part of flag ceremony, so the teachers try to chose 3 person with the same height.

The first three person that they chose were Kenisha, Abe, and Xica. But the teachers didn’t choose them because their walk were not synchronize enough. Then the next three person were me, Daanisy, and Nadya. After we finished one lap of the basic rules, the teachers told us that we are chosen to be the flag raiser!

We were immediately trained by Pak Satriya, my PE teacher. While the flag raisers were practicing, the rest of the student were divided into the remaining section that suitable for them.

After all of the section finished practicing by themself, it was time to do simulation of the flag ceremony. I think it took us 2 hours until all of us finished the practice.

We did the simulation last Wednesday and Thursday, and from what I heard, the next practice probably will be held on next Wednesday.

Besides the preparation of the flag ceremony, the other activity that I want to tell you here is our book shopping time! Book shopping is one of Sekolah Cikal activity that regularly held. In this activity, all students went to Pakuwon Mall together with their homeroom teachers and search for some books for the school’s library using some money that we got from school. Each student were asked if they want to have a partner or not in this book shopping activity. Then the teachers gave us 150.000 IDR to the student who wanted to do the shopping individually and 300.000 IDR to the student who wanted to do the shopping in group with the partner. The book that we bought must consist of one Indonesian book and one English book. For me, I chose Kenisha to be my partner in this activity.

I actually really excited in this activity. Because I’ve never did this before in elementary school. Other than that, I also thought it was a really interesting activity and it’s probably rare that a school would make an activity in a mall.

Me and my classmate went there at break time (09.45) using one of the school’s car. In the car, Pak Rizky gave the money for us.

First we visited Gramedia. In that book store, me and Kenisha bought 2 Indonesian language book. The first book is one of the book from the Curiosity House series that was translated to Indonesia, and the second book I forgot the name of it because Kenisha was the one who chose it.

After that, me and Kenisha felt a little bit bored because we were the first group that finished the shopping in that store. So we just checked the other students and went around that store until the rest finished their shopping.

The next store we went to was Books & Beyond. But before we went there, all of the girls except Nashwa and Adzra visited a frozen yogurt store beside Books & Beyond. So we ate the yogurt while searching for  some english language book to buy. At the end, me and Kenisha only bought one english book about pinnochio because our money was running low.

When all of the students finished, there still an hour left because we were supposed to leave at 12.15 and at that time it was still 11 am. So Pak Rizky and Bu Nida let us went around the mall by ourselves as long as we get together again in the foodcourt at the time we were supposed to leave.

The girls immediately went around the mall together. First we went to several different electronic shop to find a power bank for Kenisha because her hand phone’s battery was almost run out.

After we bought the powerbank, we went to the pet shop area of Pakuwon Mall. In that place, we played with a lot of really cute animals, such as cats, puppies, etc. We spend a lot of times over there. Then when we already get bored of it, we went to Starbucks.

Some of us only bought drinks. But some of us also bought some snacks to eat. We really enjoyed our times while chilling in there. Until we didn’t realize that it was actually the time for us to go to the food court as the teachers already told us.

So when we were realizing that we only have 3 minutes left, we quickly finished our drink or food, then run to the food court. When we arrived, there were some students that actually didn’t there yet and the teachers didn’t get mad because of it. So we just laugh at ourselves that were really panicked.

We tought there were nothing that will happen. But when everyone already got into the car, suddenly Adzra and Bu Nida that went together to buy fried duck called me by phone. Adzra said that she and Bu Nida get lost in the mall. All of us confused about what happen and didn’t think that they will get lost.

At the same time, Bu Nida also called Pak Rizky so we just waited for Pak Rizky to find them. After they came back to the car, we actually laugh them a little bit because as far as we know, Pakuwon Mall is not the type of mall where we can easily get lost in to.

In school, we collected all of the books before giving it to the library. When I counted it, the books that we bought were almost 30. I think that’s make sense because in our class there are 14 students.

Before we go home, like any other day there were 15 minutes for us to do homeroom time. Usually in this homeroom time, we do a reflection about what happen in that day. So because in that day we did book shopping, the theme of our reflection is based on that activity.

We talked about a lot of things, such as the book genre we chose, the budget, etc. About the book genre, Bu Nida and Pak Rizky appreciated us because we chose the book genre that is suitable for our reading ability, and we didn’t chose the book that’s for little kids. That’s mean, we already know what book that’s challenging enough for us to read and understand so we can improve our reading ability.

About the budget, our homeroom teachers said that we need to be more careful in spending the money. Because there was one student that needed more money to buy the book he wanted. Luckily, the other students want to give him their leftover money. But still, next time it would be better if we spend our money carefully.

For me, this book shopping is a really great idea because most likely we gonna read the book because we were the one that bought it. So the student itself can actually enjoy what they are reading. It also can help us a lot in doing math since we did the transaction ourself.

That’s all for now, bye!

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