Weekly Reflection of Year 7 Learning #2

The main thing that I want to write from my experience in the second week as Cikal MYP student is my first meeting of the clubs that I already join in! I join two clubs, taekwondo and vocal. The meeting of the clubs are on Thursday for taekwondo and every Friday for vocal.

For Taekwondo, one of the reason I join this club is because my parents want me to have enough skill to protect myself. And after thinking for a few weeks, I finally agreed. Because that way I can also do physical exercise more often and I also can try a new thing from it.

Although I already agreed to join taekwondo, to be honest I was a little bit scared and nervous when I was about to go to the practice area. Because as you know I’ve never did it before. So I was scared that I couldn’t keep up with the other students.

But it turns out better than I guessed. The teacher didn’t force the new students (like me and Rio) to be as good as other students at taekwondo. He told us to follow them and just try it. Then he will correct us if our technique is wrong. So, as long as we are enjoying the lesson, it’s fine.

In the first day of taekwondo, we just introduced to this martial art and we also learn the basics of doing taekwondo. But for the next meeting, the teacher said that we gonna be more focus on preparing the belt exam.

The students that join this club is about 9 students from PYP and MYP. But the girls is only two students, me and Alif. The rests of them are boys. But other than that, taekwondo is actually quite fun to do and it’s not as strict as I think it would be.

Okay, that’s it for the taekwondo club story, now I’m gonna share about the vocal lesson.

The actual schedule for vocal club is on Monday, but my schedule was changed into Friday because Monday will be used for the students that is really new to music. In this vocal class, I’m not alone. There is Mazaya that alsi join the club.

The reason I want to join this club is for expanding my musical skill. At first I almost joined guitar club, but I changed my mind and finally join this club. It’s because for now I’m more interested in vocal rather than guitar.

In the first meeting, we learned about the basic technique of singing. Like how to breath correctly when we are singing. Then Ms. Febri; the vocal mentor, checked our vocal range. She also taught us about the warm up for vocal practice.

The first target for us is able to sing two songs correctly. We can choose the first song by ourselves, while the second one is choosen by Ms. Febri. The mandatory songs that Ms. Febri choose were Simfoni Raya Indonesia by Guruh Soekarno Putra and Kupu-Kupu by Melly Goeslaw (still we can choose one of them).

Both of those songs are quite tricky to sing because of the tones arrangement that is complicated or sometimes make us hard to catch a breath. But still, I’m glad Ms. Febri pick that two song because it’ll be a good start to learn vocal.

Well, I think I’m gonna choose Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman OST for the free song and ‘Simfoni Raya Indonesia’ for the mandatory song because we know that this month is August and we will celebrate our Independence Day. For you that still don’t know the song, you can hear it from the link I share below.

Besides the club activities, there were also some interesting learning activities at class as usual, that expand my experience in undertanding something. One of the awesome activity was from Design class. In that learning process, the point was we need to make digital product with the theme ‘National Pride’. I think it’s also related to our independence day. But before we make the product, we need to fill out some assignments in certain form that Pak Rizky shared to us.

There were some assignments written in form. First, we have to write the meaning of national pride according to us. And then, we need to make 10 questions and interview 3-10 persons about that 10 questions. The third assignment is we need to search for digital and physical product that is interesting to make. Then, after finishing all of that assignments, Pak Rizky expect that we already know what we gonna make. We are asked to explain it and the reasons why we choose that product. Lastly, we need to explain the product design spesification, like how we will make it, the decoration, duration (for video), etc. But for now, I’m currently still searching some people that I can interview for this project.

The last note, this week is also the first time I borrowed a book from my school’s library. The book that I borrow is Moby Dick by Herman Merville. Basically, the book is about a captain that have a quest to kill a giant white whale that has taken his leg. The book is actually really thick. But I hope I can finish it quickly so I can make a review of the book for you.


Ok, I think this is all that I can share with you today, and I’ll see you on my next post. Bye!

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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