Weekly Reflection of Year 7 Learning #5

Hi! Before I started this post, I just want to say sorry for not uploading any post last week. It’s because there’s not much activity happened last week because of Ied Al Adha, and also I didn’t have time to write it. So in this post, I will combine last week and this week reflection.

The most interesting topic in this two weeks is stress management in PSE (Personal and Social Education) lesson. The reason I think that the topic was interesting is because as long as I know, not every school give their students this kind of topic in the learning process, even though this topic is really important for a teenager. Because being a teenager means that we will experience a lot of stuff that sometime make us stressed out in some point. So learning stress management will be useful to prevent or reduce stress.

Before getting to know what is stress management, Pak Ikin explained about the definition of stress. Actually I already understand about the definition of stress from Mamski when we discussed the book ‘Diamond in the Rough’.

In my conclusion, stress is a pressure feeling that pushes us into a certain direction. The direction could be positive or negative. It depends on our perception about the stress. If our perception about stress is positive, we’re most likely will get the positive effect of it, such as being productive, boosting our memory, protecting our body from infection, etc. But if our perception about stress is negative, we probably will get the negative effect of stress, such as insomnia, being too temperamental, depression, anxiety, etc.

While the stress management is technique to reduce the negative side effect of stress. The technique could be done with the help of counselor, pyschologist, etc, or it could be done by ourselves.

Next, Pak Ikin grouped us into 4 teams. My teammates are Kenisha and Lea. In that group we need to discuss and make a poster about the definition of stress, the definition of stress management, the causes of stress and our ideas to reduce stress.

Last week my team only finished on explaining what is stress and the causes of it. Then on this week, we already explained what is stress management and also some of our ideas to reduce stress.

Each of us gave atleast one idea for this project. Me and Kenisha already gave our ideas, while Lea still focused on making the illustration for the poster.

My idea to reduce stress is to write a journal or diary. The reason I have this idea is because I think there are some people who experience stress, but they don’t really trust anyone to talk about their problems. So by writing a journal or diary, we can express everything in our minds without anyone knowing it. Although the minus part, no one will give feedbacks about the problems.

Different from my idea, Kenisha’s idea to reduce stress is searching a person that we trust, then we can talk about our problems to that person. This way, there will be someone that give you feedbacks about the problems.

The second thing that’s exciting for me is the Design project that I’m currently working on. I have wrote the detailed explanation of this project on my second weekly reflection.

Before this meeting, we only filled out the form that Pak Rizky gave us, and now we need to make a survey about National Pride. After we made the survey, we made the QR code of this survey and spread it out around the school so everyone can scan it and answer all of the questions.

I spread my survey QR code around the school on Wednesday, and on Friday, I got 13 responses for my survey. From this 13 responses, the next task for me is making survey analysis.

The function of the survey is to know what people think about National Pride and Indonesia, and from there we know what content is suitable for each type of person.

I’m currently still finishing the analysis of my survey. When we’re done with that, we need to figure out what kind of digital product that we want to make. It could be poster, video / animation, or power point. The next task is we need to make 3 different designs of the digital product and let people choose which one they like the most. Lastly, we need to choose one of that three product by ourselves for the final product. This final product is the one that Pak Rizky will actually grade.

By having a project that divided into some assignments, this can make us more productive in working on the project itself. Because it doesn’t feel like we actually have a big project. But instead it feels like we only have some small assignments that’s quick and easy to accomplish.

Other than all of the lessons that I had, Pak Rizky and Bu Nida also informed us that at the end of this month, Year 7 will have a field trip to Prigen. We will stay there for 4 days, and we are very excited for this field trip. I will make sure I write it on this blog as my weekly reflection when it happen. Bye!

By Ayunda Damai

A high school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

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