My First Time Following Taekwondo Exam

Do you still remember, I ever told you in my second Weekly Reflection that I join Taekwondo club? Well, as I said at that reflection, one of the reason I join this club was because my parents want me to have enough skill to protect myself, and also because through this activity I can do physical exercise more often.

To be honest, at the first time I become a new member, it was difficult for me to enjoy it. But after a few weeks of practice, I can finally adapt to this activity. And today was the first time I follow a Taekwondo Exam after about 3 months of practicing. The exam was to upgrade my level from white belt to yellow belt. In this exam I presented the stances that I have already learned. In total, there were 2 basics (gibon / basic 1 and 2) and 8 stances that I presented. The stances include one punch, 4 kicks, and 3 blocks.


The exam was held in Widya Mandala University Surabaya. I followed the exam along with 3 of my friends. One of them is at the same level as me, and the other two are at one level above me.


Several weeks ago when I got the information about this exam, one of my friend from Year 6 told me that it is going to be really hard because of the 60 push-ups that she did in her last exam. Because of that, I started to practice the stances and other physical abilities at home, and just hope that it will not be that hard.


But when I did the exam, it was actually more easier than I thought. Because we only did 30 push ups instead of 60. Besides that, there were some stances that we have actually learned, it turns out today were not part of the exam material. So, since I feel that the exam was easier, I really hope that I will get a good result at the end.

Although the result have not been informed yet, from my experience, I think I should improve the stability of my kicks. Because sometimes I feel it is still unstable and I really need to make it better next time.

Other than any of those, after joining Taekwondo, I feel my body is also getting healthier. It makes me not easily tired like I usually felt before I joined Taekwondo. I think this is a good improvement for me.

So, looking back at the exam that I did this afternoon, and the 3 months of Taekwondo practices in white belt, I really can’t wait for the next lesson and I’m sure that I can enjoy Taekwondo much more than before.

By Ayunda Damai

A middle school student that loves her family, friends, books, and piano <3

3 replies on “My First Time Following Taekwondo Exam”

Hai! My name is Ayashadanica Aldea Khusna, if you still remember, I also joined the presentation in Takita four years ago. I had read and liked some of your post in your blog and I really love it. I also have my own blog. Please visit my blog in

I also like to read books. Especially that written by Tere Liye, the tittle is Bumi, Bulan, Bintang, Matahari, Komet, and Ceroz dan Batozar. Enyd Bylton is one of my favorite author too (The Secret Seven, St Clares, Malory Tower, The Naughtiest Girl in The School and others is my favorite books that written by Enyd Bylton.) I also had written some books review in my blog, one of them is Totto Chan. I also joined Taekwondo and I’ve got my first exam in few weeks ago.

I hope you answer my email and visit my blog. If you want, you can also see my Instagram in @ayashadanica. Hope to be friend with you soon.

From your fans,

Ayashadanica Aldea Khusna

Pada tanggal Min, 4 Nov 2018 20.18, Blog Ayunda Damai menulis:

> Ayunda Damai posted: “Do you still remember that in my second Weekly > Reflection, I ever told you that I join Taekwondo club? Well, as I said at > that reflection, one of the reason I join this club was because my parents > want me to have enough skill to protect myself, and also b” >

Hi Ayasha!

Thank you so much for reading my posts and I’m so happy that you enjoy reading it. I already read some of your posts and I love the way you write your book reviews.

Ayashaa, your favorite books are my favorite as well! And by the way, I want to know how is your Taekwondo exam. Is it great?

Of course we can be friend 🙂 I have followed your Instagram and maybe you can follow mine too. My Instagram is @ayundadamai, and maybe we can DM via Instagram just to keep in touch with each other.

Keep writing Ayasha! ❤

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